Project monitoring makes processes more efficient

In the Kellokortti service, you can allocate working hours to projects and cost centre. Clear reports of multi-level project monitoring help in the development of operations. It is easy to enter project hours at the same time as working hours.

Monitor costs closely

Time is money. The timecard is a modern hour tracking service that maximises the profitability of projects and your company’s result. The time tracking system allocates working hours to the right cost centres, projects and working phases. With Kellokortti, you can easily track the working hours and human resources spent on the project. Project reports help streamline processes and simplify production planning and pricing.

Have a look at our reports

Take advantage of multi-level project monitoring and reports

Working hours

Allocate working hours to the right cost centres, projects and working phases


View reports in different ways as summaries or breakdowns according to your needs

Use of time

A clear view of much time has been spent on the different phases of the project

Project monitoring

Monitor the amount of effective and ineffective working hours and improve the efficiency of work by reducing unnecessary work phases


Utilise reports for production planning and pricing development


If you want, you can transfer the working hours data as a file to other applications

Cost-effective work time tracking

Kellokortti is a flexible and versatile solution for work time tracking in all industries. Pricing is based on the number of active users and selected features.

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