Integration with payroll

It is easy to create ready-made transfer data from electronically approved payroll transactions, which can be transferred directly to the payroll program. Kellokortti is flexible to integrate with the systems your company already uses. Many standard integrations are already found in Kellokortti, but new integrations are also implemented as customer-specific projects.

Collective agreement interpretation automates payroll routines

Palkkarobotti is an additional company-specific feature built into Kellokortti, which can be used to automate routine payroll work. It is built to work exactly according to the company’s own payment criteria – either according to the collective agreement or local agreements. The interpretation takes place automatically once the rule-set has been implemented.

The rules of Palkkarobotti are targeted at the working time group, so if necessary, there may be several different interpretations available to the company. For example, two sets of rules can be implemented for a company, one for a group that works weekly and one for a group that works periodically.

Palkkarobotti is an excellent solution, for example, when a company regularly works overtime or pays bonuses based on time of day.

How does Palkkarobotti work?

Palkkarobotti forms payroll events from realised clocking entries. Interpretation can be used to form regular working hours as well as overtime, various allowances and compensations, and absence events. In Palkkarobotti, it is also possible to create rules for time bank transactions more comprehensively compared to a basic system. For example, overtime can be automatically accumulated in the working time bank.

When clocking entries have been allocated to tracked items, e.g., cost centres or projects, the payroll transactions that result from them can also be allocated accordingly.

Payroll entries easily to payroll calculation after interpretation

Payroll events formed by Palkkarobotti can be reported by persons, working time groups and pay types for the desired period. In addition, targeted payroll events can be reported on an location-based basis. Reports can be easily transferred, for example, to Excel for further processing.

A ready-made transfer file can be created for payroll transactions in Kellokortti, which can be transferred directly to the payroll system as such. The transfer file can be implemented, for example, in .xml, .csv or .txt formats.

Sample report

Palkkarobotti can be used to form:

Hours and basic salary

For example, from Monday to Friday 8 hours a day, and also on the weekend, if the 40-hour weekly working time has not yet been met.


For example, daily 50% overtime of the working hours of the day 8–10 and daily 100% overtime of the working hours exceeding 10 hours.

Compensation for evening and night work

You can make different types of time-based compensations, such as evening work compensation from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and night work compensation from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Overtime of the period

For example, in a three-week period, overtime hours can be formed from hours exceeding the planned working hours.


For example, a more diverse report on hour and day types, which can be viewed by individuals or groups.

Compensation for public holidays

For example, hours that make up the Independence Day salary can be automatically formed for Independence Day, without making separate entries.


For example, hours of sick leave or number of holiday days.

Shift work compensation

For example, separate evening shift compensation can be formed from the hours recorded for the evening shift.

Additional compensations

For example, meal allowances for days of a certain length.

Cost-effective work time tracking

Kellokortti is a flexible and versatile solution for work time tracking in all industries. Pricing is based on the number of active users and selected features.

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