Minutes on the record and on the invoice

The work timer, which is always ready, records the minutes spent on the work task. This way, even short work tasks can be easily included in the working time calendar – and on the invoice. Kellokortti Työajastin is a Windows application that is always running. You can view it in one click, after which it will be ready to collect information. When the phone rings or the work task begins, Työajastin is in use. You can provide more detailed information about the work task during the work, when it is convenient for you.

An explanation can be included for the work and it can be allocated to tracked items, just like other working hours in the Kellokortti service. The Työajastin work timer splits the working hours of the day and distributes them correctly to the tracked items. This means that by using the timer, both working hours accounting and project and invoicing information are created at the same time. The collected data is displayed in the working time calendar and in reports as usual.

More than a stopwatch

The Työajastin work timer is not designed to be the only way to record working time, but is intended to complement other ways of making clocking entries. You can still use the work time recorder device when arriving to work in the morning and when leaving in the afternoon. With the work timer, you can easily allocate the hours of the day to different tasks or customers.


  • Quick and easy
  • Always ready for use
  • Accurately calculates working times down to the minute
  • Add explanations and allocate to projects
  • Works in Windows
  • Particularly suitable for accounting firms and consultants

Cost-effective work time tracking

Kellokortti is a flexible and versatile solution for work time tracking in all industries. Pricing is based on the number of active users and selected features.

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