A comprehensive solution for work time tracking

The Kellokortti work time tracking program is an all-encompassing service package that provides a clear view and the best tools for your company’s work time tracking. Keep track of your company’s working hours, plan their allocation and maximise work productivity. The recording of working hours can be done online, on a mobile phone or by using a work time recorder.


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Automatic interpretation of collective agreements

No more manual payroll logging! With the Palkkarobotti built into our service, you calculate daily, weekly and periodic overtime, as well as other allowances. It is easy to transfer electronically approved payroll transactions to payroll.

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A clear view of holiday planning

Manage the planning and approval of annual holidays and absences effortlessly. The service knows the Saturday rules and public holidays and calculates holiday accumulations automatically. A clear resource view always gives the supervisor an overview of the situation.

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Quick and easy travel expense reports

With our service, you can easily process travel expense reports electronically. Kellokortti calculates the reimbursements automatically, and the expenses can be allocated to projects or customers. It also allows you to send daily allowances, kilometres and other travel expenses directly to payroll.

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Efficient work without constant supervision

The work becomes more efficient when unnecessary work phases are eliminated. In addition, all unnecessary supervision is eliminated, because working hours can be easily proven. Well-being at work will improve, as the flexibility of work will increase with the help of a modern system throughout the organisation.

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Completed work ends in invoicing

The manager gets an overall picture of the workload of the employees and the need for resources. The basis for customer invoicing is automatic work time tracking. Working hours, allowances and overtime hours are available for payroll at the touch of a button, without additional manual work.

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Integrations save time

By integrating the Kellokortti service with other systems, you save time and reduce errors. You can easily import and export data between different programs using standard or custom interfaces.

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Functional and reliable work time recorders

We have a range of easy-to-use work time recording devices. With the help of the devices, no unnecessary time is spent on time tracking, and the user always receives confirmation of the success of the clocking entry. Employees identify themselves to the device with a key fob or ID card – the user interface of the device takes care of the rest. Working time can also be allocated, for example, to a project or work phase in a couple of clicks or with the help of barcodes.

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Mobile geospatial work time tracking

Mobile work time recording is popular especially in mobile work, as the advantage of a mobile phone compared to a work time recorder is that the phone is always available. Clocking entries can be made on a mobile phone anywhere and any time. With a smartphone, clocking in and out and aligning work is done with just a couple of clicks. Thanks to the GPS feature, you can also see the street address of the clocking entry location.

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A clear calendar view of working hours

Kellokortti’s easy-to-use calendar view has garnered compliments. Clocking entries appear in the same place, regardless of the method. As the administrator, you can give other users the rights to make the necessary changes and corrections flexibly. This avoids unnecessary work phases and saves valuable working time.

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Modern holiday planning

The planning and approval of annual holidays and other absences is quick and easy. Making a plan is easy, as the system knows the Saturday rules and public holidays and automatically calculates personal holiday accumulations. The supervisor can see a clear overall picture of the situation in the resource view, and at the same time can review, modify and approve or reject the holiday proposals.

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Managing travel expenses

Kellokortti also serves as an electronic travel expense report system. It automatically calculates daily allowances based on the time of day. The service also allows you to record kilometres and other travel expenses easily and attach receipts to them. Expenses can also be allocated to tracked items, such as projects or customers. You can always print a clear travel expense report, and it is easy to accept invoices directly from the service.

You can forget about the hassle related to travel expense reports!

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