Kellokortti is an industry-independent solution designed for versatile work time management with browser, mobile and work time recorder devices.

Versatile time tracking for all

Kellokortti provides precise visibility into the use of employees’ working time and takes into account the requirements of different forms of working time.

Kellokortti allows for detailed targeting, reporting and approval of transactions with ease and efficiency. The service is scalable according to the size and needs of the company and can be expanded with additional features. Decades of experience in work time tracking make it possible for us to offer a truly customer-friendly solution.

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More efficient payroll operations with Palkkarobotti

Kellokortti allows automatic creation of payroll transactions based on entries. With the additional Palkkarobotti feature, you also take into account local agreements when creating payroll events, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of payroll calculations.

Kellokortti is easily integrated into all major payroll programs, making it an excellent choice for versatile business use.

Kellokortti Raksa – time tracking for construction sites

With the Kellokortti Raksa solution, tracking working hours and reporting to the tax authorities on site is painless. Among other things, the solution enables real-time monitoring of presence at the site. It gives you an easy way to get an accurate breakdown of hours worked per site and per task.

Kellokortti Raksa is our solution for the specific needs of construction sites.

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What's the best solution for your business?

Kellokortti belongs to the Finnish Lemonsoft Group, which also offers other time tracking solutions.
You can get an overview of the features of these programs in the table below.

The Kellokortti product family provides solutions for work shift planning,
collective agreement interpretation, holiday and absence management as well as travel expense reports.

For small businesses and communities, we offer the Duunissa service for tracking working hours.

Feature Duunissa Kellokortti
All industries
Clocking entries X X
Mobile clocking entries X X
Holidays and absences X X
Vacation planning X
Working time reports X X
Project monitoring X X
Multiple dimensions X
Calendar view X
Approval/Inspection X
Work time recorder X
interpretation of collective agreements (palkkarobotti) X
Integrations X
Daily and kilometre allowances X X
Travel expense report X
Support for Valtti cards X
Data transfer to ax authority ( X
Data transfer to Tilaajavastuu X

Cost-effective work time tracking

Kellokortti is a flexible and versatile solution for work time tracking in all industries. Pricing is based on the number of active users and selected features.

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