Work time recorders for your business needs

Working time recording devices, mobile working time recording or both options? In the Kellokortti service, work time recording can be made in many different ways. When work is done in one place, an easy-to-use recording device is often the most cost-effective way to track working time. Our product range includes devices for different purposes. Our sales team will be happy to help you choose the right kind of work time recorder.

Kellokortti A11

Kellokortti A11 is the top of the range of work time recorders. Thanks to the large touch screen, its operation is quick and easy. The display guides the user, so no user training is usually required. In addition to the basic features, A11 can be configured to ask for target information, such as a project or customer, if desired. Device configurations are made in a clear Kellokortti user interface.


  • Connected to wired LAN, also 4G version
  • Possibility to use a barcode scanner
  • Available as a restaurant terminal
  • User identification with keychain, identity card (EM4100, Mifare) or Valtti cards

Kellokortti A4

Kellokortti A4 is a simple work time recorder designed for the use of construction sites. It reads Valtti cards and other Mifare identifiers. The device is very resistant to use and does not require operating training.


  • GPRS connection (SIM card inside)
  • Clear user interface, indicator lights
  • User identification with a keychain or Valtti card
  • Battery backup, works even during a power outage

Benefits of a work time recorder

Easy to remember

Work time recording is easy to remember when the device is placed in a central location, such as by an office door or in the staff premises.


The device is always ready for clocking entries. The working time always begins at the agreed place, when the clocking entries are made with a device placed there.

Making clocking entries is quick

Making a clocking entry only takes a few seconds. Just show the identifier, and the clear user interface of the device will take care of the rest!

Access control

Know where your employees are located. The device lets you know in real time when your employees have arrived or left.

Cost-effective work time tracking

Kellokortti is a flexible and versatile solution for work time tracking in all industries. Pricing is based on the number of active users and selected features.

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