See all the work time tracking data in the calendar

The clear and easy-to-use calendar view of Kellokortti has garnered a huge amount of praise from our users. It shows the working hours marked on the calendar in an easily editable format. The user rights of an individual user determine what information is displayed and what information can be edited in the view.

Many ways of using the working time calendar

The working time calendar is a powerful tool that allows you to easily allocate hours to different projects. In a versatile, browser-based interface, clocking entries can be flexibly corrected, supplemented and deleted. Once the weekly hours have been logged and reviewed, they will be forwarded for approval with a single click.

Effortless editing of working hours

The clocking entries create events in the working time calendar. Editing events is simple. The calendar works in the same way as computer calendars in general. You can move, stretch, delete, and create new events with a few clicks. You can create a new event in the calendar with the mouse by painting the desired time interval. If the user has the rights to make entries themselves, a window will open, where information about the clocking entry can be entered: explanation, times, work shift and tracked items.

Access rights according to your needs

The appearance of the user interface changes according to the user’s access rights. A basic user can only see their own working hours, such as flextime balances and the working time bank. The user may also be given permission to modify them. Approvers use a browser interface to approve, decline and track hours. The administrator can also easily change the system settings.

All views can be customised as required. If tracking working time by location is not necessary, customer and project information can also be hidden completely. It is also possible to add your own optional fields to the recording.

See all the work time tracking data in the calendar

Situation of working time banks

In the working time calendar, you can follow the development of flextime balances and working time banks.

Absences, time off and holidays

From the working time calendar, you can view and create holidays and absences.

Travel expense reports

From the working time calendar, you can create a new travel expense report.

Approval of the week

A week can be marked as complete and approved directly from the calendar.

Monitoring of items

Allocate hours to projects and cost centres and record additional information.

Payroll entries

Palkkarobotti calculates overtime and bonuses. Payroll transactions appear directly on the calendar.

Cost-effective work time tracking

Kellokortti is a flexible and versatile solution for work time tracking in all industries. Pricing is based on the number of active users and selected features.

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